COVID-19 Procedures

Our COVID-19 Procedures

The health and safety of our customers and our employees is and will always be our main concern.  For AIF at Home delivery and curbside pick-up, our employees are taking all the steps necessary to ensure they minimize contact with their co-workers here at AIF, and the customers they deliver to on a daily basis.

All of our employees have their temperature taken upon arriving to work using a touch-less infrared digital thermometer to ensure that no one has a fever while working. We are also constantly reminding our employees that if they feel feverish or sick in any other way, to contact us immediately, and stay home. Currently, we do not require that our drivers’ get invoices signed, allowing them to practice proper social distancing and ensure minimal contact between them and our customers.

For AIF at Home deliveries, for both the safety of you, our loyal customers, and our drivers; we require that our drivers be able to make contact-free deliveries to your door.  We will notify you (via e-mail when your order has shipped, and via text message when your order is on its way, and again when it has been delivered) when your delivery has arrived, and that our driver is leaving it where they were instructed to leave it. 

For curbside pick-up, we ask that when you call to inform us that you have arrived, you give us the name on the order, and the make and color of the car you are driving so that we can avoid making any unnecessary contact, and get your products straight to you.

Our goal with home delivery and curbside pick-up is to provide you with high-quality items and ingredients while taking the stress out of having to go to the store to get them.  The AIF at Home division of Adventure In Food also allows you to use and eat the same great food you would if you were visiting the finest restaurants which we have serviced for over 20 years.